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Fluorosilicic Acid

Another Name: Silicon fluoric Acid
Molecular Formula: H2SiF6
Molecular Weight: 144.09


Index Name
Fluorosilicic Acid Content(H2SiF6), % ≥
Free Fluoride(F), %  ≤
Copper(Cu), %  ≤
Heavy Metal Content(Pb), %  ≤


Properties: The aqueous solution of the product is a colorless or light fumy liquid. Its relative density is 1.32, boiling point 108.5°C. The product has a pungent odor. It can volatilize easily and dissolve in water. It has disinfectant function. Siliconfluoric Acid doesn't have an anhydrous production. The highest concentration is 60.92%. It is the stablest when it is formed into 13.3%. It can't be resolved when it is distilled. It can corrode glass, lead and any other metal. It can strongly corrode skins and it's poisonous to human organs of imbibition. Its solidifying point is 19°C(Dihydrous Crystallization).

Application: The product is an elementary raw material for making Sodium Fluorsilicate, Potassium Fluosilicate, Ammonium Fluorsilicate. Magnesium Fluorsilicate, Copper Fluorsilicate, Barium Fluosilicate, Lead Fluorsilicate and any other fluorsilicate and Silicon Tetrafluoride. It can be used for metal electroplating, wood anticorrosion, beer disinfection and wine-making industrial equipments disinfection or the etestrolysis and refinement of lead. It can be also used as mordant and metal surface treatment agent.

Storage: It should be stored in a cool and ventilated storehouse, not under sunlight and in high temperature.

Transport: The product belongs to Grade B inorganic acid corrosive goods. It should be kept away from the rain and the sunlight during its transportation.

Packing: Refilled in a polyvinyl chloride plastic drum.Net weight 25kg each. Clear signs of Intense Poison and Corrosive should appear on the packs.

Remarks:  We can produce fluorosilicic acid purity 20%-46% on consumer's request.

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